Basic exercises to get six pack abs

Basic exercises to get six pack abs

People with six pack abs have earned that head-turning factor most especially when paired with well-defined cuts.  The problem however is that, not all of us have the time and patience to work out those abs.  There are however, basic exercises to get six pack abs that would not require you to be a member of gym.

Using the basic exercises to get six pack abs at home or gym

To start with the basic exercises to get six pack abs, you will need an exercise ball, a mat and a Captain’s Chair (optional).  Start with a few warm ups and get ready to sweat away.

  • Bicycle – Lie on your back then place your fingers behind your head and position your knees onto your chest.  To start, lift up your shoulder blades then extend your left leg as you bring your left elbow as close as you can to the right knee.  Do the same thing to the other elbow and leg and keep on “pedalling” for 16 counts.  1 count equal to movement of both left and right shoulder.
  • Chair Lift – You can use to a captain’s chair for this.  First is to stand on the chair and grip both holds on either side then set your back on the pad and with the use of your abs, contract it to raise both your legs to your chest.  Make 16 repetitions for 1 set.
  • Ball Crunch – Place the mid/lower back onto the ball and then the hands across your chest or behind your head.  Contract your abs to lift your back to your hips.  Make 16 repetitions for 1 set.
  • Ab Roll – Kneel onto the floor in front of the ball and place hands on the ball parallel to each other.  Roll out the ball while keeping the hips and back straight and keep on rolling until you feel your abs work.  Roll back to original position and make 16 repetitions for 1 set.
  • Long Arm Crunch – Lie on the floor and then extend both hands up your head and behind your ears while you keep them clasped together.  Contract abs and lift upper body off the floor and keep hands straight in position.  Make 16 repetitions for 1 set.
  • Reverse Crunch – Lie flat on the floor or on the mat, and then put both hands behind the head.  Lift knees and bend to about 90 degrees.  Contract the abs as you curl your hips off the floor.  Extend legs up and make 16 repetitions to make 1 set.
  • Plank – Rest your forearms to the floor and then raise your body up with your weight on both forearms and toes while keeping it straight.  Hold the position for at least half a minute then repeat for about 5 times.

Notes before basic exercises to get six pack abs

Before any exercise, you must remember to warm up for at least 5 minutes.  Make sure that you’ve stretched out all your muscles to prevent any cramps or pains as you go along all of the above mentioned basic exercises to get six pack abs.

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