Diet recommendations for figuring out how to get a six pack fast

Diet recommendations for figuring out how to get a six pack fast

While most of the content with regard to understanding how to get a six pack fast tends to focus on the exercises which one needs to perform in order to have a lean and fit body, remember that it is just as important to ensure that you have a healthy and balanced diet which accompanies all the tiring exercises that you perform. In this article, we focus purely on the dietary aspect of determining how to get a six pack fast.

First up, oily and fried foods are a big no-no. If you really want to know how to get a six pack fast, then these are foods which you definitely must avoid at all costs. We understand that it can be quite difficult to forgo these foods completely, but you need to remind yourself that it is not healthy to have these foods anyway, with or without the eventual desire to have a toned body.

The story is quite similar for processed foods as well, be it chocolates, pizzas, processed meat, white bread, muffins and even your humble burger! These are foods that you must try and avoid. Remember that these foods do not have much, if any nutritious value; all that they do is contribute towards body fat and generally make you unhealthy. So if you are looking to build and then maintain a toned body, it is essential that you remain focused on a diet which is healthy and free of poor dietary choices.

How to get a six pack fast: foods you need

Given these foods which you should avoid over the course of knowing how to get a six pack fast, there are a wide range of foods that you must have at leisure, in order to maintain a toned body. For instance, fresh salads are very good for the body, especially when it comes to building a six pack fast. Same is true with fish, especially fish such as salmon which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Eggs are also excellent when it comes to maintaining a healthy and well toned body. Also ensure that you consume liberal quantities of plain milk and nuts. Rice or potatoes need not be avoided completely as you will definitely need carbohydrates but you could continue to consume the same in relatively lesser quantity. Lentils are also a very good food type to have, not only when you are looking to build a six pack fast, but even otherwise.

How to get a six pack fast: the manner you consume food

Overall, you also need to keep in mind the fact that it is not only about the foods themselves but also the manner in which you consume them. For instance, instead of having one or two large meals, you should try and space out your meals, over relatively smaller portions. For instance, you should stick to say 5 or 6 meals in a day, all of smaller portions. That way, your body will continuously be replenished with energy, whenever the same feels depleted.

Finally, also make sure that you consume plenty of water, as you try and understand how to get a six pack fast. Remember that as you exercise, the body gets depleted of water really very fast, which you need to replenish at regular intervals.


My story on how I did it

My story on how I did itMy story on how I did it

I used to be the type of guy who would sit around the house and  I would just sit around on weekends while digging into ice cream and all the junk food I can find in the cabinets.  It was not until I had my medical exam months ago that I had a hard time with the stress test and from then on I noticed that the simple activities I used to do became harder and harder for me.  With me bloating up like a balloon and my belly so big, I had to do something.

Steps I took to get great abs

I started my quest on losing fats by spending considerable amount of time in front of my computer and browsing through the internet.  I had to find some sort of guide for me to achieve my goals.  The easiest thing I needed to look for is the program that is right for me.  To do this, you need to open your browser and look for abs work out programs.  You would be surprised by just how many the available programs are and they definitely are overwhelming.  List down all the programs that you like and then try learning some more about it by reading reviews.  When it comes to choosing from one program to another, it is important that you read some reviews about the programs that have caught your attention.

There are a lot of reviews available online but you must apply caution when looking for one.  Look for professional reviews about the program you like and make sure that you don’t fall for fake reviews made only to make some programs look good in the user’s perspective.

You can also visit forums online especially those that are engaged in exercises or abs development.  From there, you will be able to meet a lot of people who would’ve had their own experience from programs that would be helpful for you.  They can be easily contacted and from there you can learn so much more or even get recommendations on what might be the best program for you.

Some programs are not free and would require some kind of payment.  If the program you have chosen requires payment, make sure that the mode of payment made online is secure.  Usually, credit cards or PayPayl is used in these kinds of transactions.  Beware of additional charges to make sure that they don’t charge you too much for their services or products.

Your programs can either be in books, ebooks, CDs or DVDs.  Check out the merchandise first to make sure that you have received the right one.  From there, you will be guided through every methods available for you.

Tips to be more successful on programs for great looking abs

Programs are great in developing your muscles like the abs.  You must be sure though that you have put the right amount of dedication and discipline to your chosen program.  Stick to what it instructs to make sure that you are on the right track.  If you see some results in the following days or weeks then all the better.  If not, you can ask for professional to make sure that you have the right kind of program for those abs that you are looking for.

How to lower your body fat to see the 6 packs

How to lower your body fat to see the 6 packs

Big flabs on the belly can be unsightly even to you who have one.  Whatever the reason you have one and whatever the reason you are bothered by it; you must lose it to have those great abs.  The question now is, how to lower your body fat to see the 6 packs that you want?

Step to consider on how to lower your body fat to see the 6 packs of abs

Here are some of the steps you can consider on how to lower your body fat (press the link)  to see the 6 packs that you desire.

  1.        Losing fats is one of the important things to do in building your body and to lose it, you must start with what you eat and make sure that it can fit the lifestyle you are living.  Losing a certain amount on food groups is a short term solution to your problem which is why you need to make a plan that you will be applying for life.  A well balanced diet that still contains the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals is important.
  2.        Start eating small portions with three meals and 2 snacks in one day.  Your goal is to keep your metabolism up and running so it is important that you don’t skip on any meals.
  3.        Do aerobic exercises every day.  Walking can be a simple yet effective exercise that you can do and has an effect in losing those belly fats.  Jogging and belly dancing can be your options or any activity that can increase your heart rate and promote weight loss.  30 minutes of exercise every day can be good enough.
  4.        Strength training can be added to your exercise routine.  Losing weight on your belly area will require tightening of the muscles and skin that can tone it into better shape.  Do sit ups, pelvic lifts, lunges, squats and leg raises at least 2 times a week.
  5.        Lower the amount of stress that you experience daily.  Stress levels up the amount of cortisol in your body that sends fat into your stomach.  It can also prompt your craving for sugar and foods filled with fats.  You can relieve yourself from stress by doing deep breathing exercises or having a hobby that can take your mind away from the stress you are experiencing.
  6.        Vices like alcohol drinking and smoking also releases cortisol into your system so it’s best that you reduce it or better yet lose the vice.
  7.        Go for fiber.  It can easily fill you up so you don’t have to overeat.  It also reduces the risks of being constipated.  Take in plenty amount of water as well to wash your system.

Living it right:  How to lower your body fat to see the 6 packs

Fats come from the food that we eat so you should be starting from that.  Limit yourself from eating fatty foods or better yet stay away from it.  Don’t forget to put in extra effort with exercises and other activities that are helpful on how to lower your body fat to see the 6 packs.

How to eat right to strengthen your muscles

How to eat right to strengthen your muscles

Protein as known to men is important in muscle-building and when we work out, the stress in lifting weights and moving our body with so much effort can damage the muscle fibers.  These damages are then repaired and in the process compel the muscle cells to grow.  The process by which the muscles grow does not simply require protein, it will also need amino acids glycogen and so much more which is one reason why you should learn how to eat right to strengthen your muscles.

Foods you need on how to eat right to strengthen your muscles

How to eat right to strengthen your muscles is important when you hit the gym or workout at home.

Fish – fish is on top of the list when it comes to muscle-building.  Like in the case of salmon, not only is it filled with about 25 grams protein per 100 gram but it’s also filled with a lot of healthy nutrients that a person needs.  It can also be a good source of vitamin D and omeg-3 fatty acids.

Chicken – it’s is a great muscle-building food where a hundred gram piece of its lean white meat contains 31 grams of protein and only 4 grams fat.

Eggs – eggs are flexible ingredients to prepare and are one component that isn’t left out to those who are building their muscled.  A single egg can contain 5 to 6 grams of protein with a caloric content of about 60 only.  The type of protein egg has is also known to be readily utilized and is the most efficient to muscle building.

Soy – however soy is served to an individual, there is no denying the fact that in the plant world, it has the most muscle-building benefits.  1 cup of soybeans cooked will provide you with 20 grams of amino acids.  It also has a number of significant minerals and vitamins making it one of the best alternative for meat.

Lean Ground Beef – when it comes to meats, those that are lean and ground is the exceptional supply of protein.  100 grams of it will grant you with 27 grams worth of protein although it also brings along 11 grams worth of fats and calories of about 200 or more.  The good thing about beef is that it contains additional vitamins and minerals which important in growing and developing muscles.

Chocolate Milk – ever since we were kids, we have always been told about the importance of drinking milk to stay fit and grow bigger and healthier.  Even when you are grown up, milk still remains an important staple and when it comes to growing your muscles, it can provide you with the right combination of amino acids proteins with little fat.

Final words on how to eat right to strengthen your muscles

Eating right with the right kinds of food is one of the best things that you can do to build up your muscles.  What goes into your body will have its effects on it which is why you need to be really careful.  Learn more about food and on how to eat right to strengthen your muscles.

Basic exercises to get six pack abs

Basic exercises to get six pack abs

People with six pack abs have earned that head-turning factor most especially when paired with well-defined cuts.  The problem however is that, not all of us have the time and patience to work out those abs.  There are however, basic exercises to get six pack abs that would not require you to be a member of gym.

Using the basic exercises to get six pack abs at home or gym

To start with the basic exercises to get six pack abs, you will need an exercise ball, a mat and a Captain’s Chair (optional).  Start with a few warm ups and get ready to sweat away.

  • Bicycle – Lie on your back then place your fingers behind your head and position your knees onto your chest.  To start, lift up your shoulder blades then extend your left leg as you bring your left elbow as close as you can to the right knee.  Do the same thing to the other elbow and leg and keep on “pedalling” for 16 counts.  1 count equal to movement of both left and right shoulder.
  • Chair Lift – You can use to a captain’s chair for this.  First is to stand on the chair and grip both holds on either side then set your back on the pad and with the use of your abs, contract it to raise both your legs to your chest.  Make 16 repetitions for 1 set.
  • Ball Crunch – Place the mid/lower back onto the ball and then the hands across your chest or behind your head.  Contract your abs to lift your back to your hips.  Make 16 repetitions for 1 set.
  • Ab Roll – Kneel onto the floor in front of the ball and place hands on the ball parallel to each other.  Roll out the ball while keeping the hips and back straight and keep on rolling until you feel your abs work.  Roll back to original position and make 16 repetitions for 1 set.
  • Long Arm Crunch – Lie on the floor and then extend both hands up your head and behind your ears while you keep them clasped together.  Contract abs and lift upper body off the floor and keep hands straight in position.  Make 16 repetitions for 1 set.
  • Reverse Crunch – Lie flat on the floor or on the mat, and then put both hands behind the head.  Lift knees and bend to about 90 degrees.  Contract the abs as you curl your hips off the floor.  Extend legs up and make 16 repetitions to make 1 set.
  • Plank – Rest your forearms to the floor and then raise your body up with your weight on both forearms and toes while keeping it straight.  Hold the position for at least half a minute then repeat for about 5 times.

Notes before basic exercises to get six pack abs

Before any exercise, you must remember to warm up for at least 5 minutes.  Make sure that you’ve stretched out all your muscles to prevent any cramps or pains as you go along all of the above mentioned basic exercises to get six pack abs.